Gruyere Cheese History

gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese is one of the best-selling types of cheese in the world. It’s mostly famous for its distinctive odor and taste, which make it a favorite with many people all over the world. However, many do not realize that this type of cheese goes way back to ancient times. At first glance, it may look like the ordinary shredded English cheese, but that’s not the case. This type of cheese has been used by the ancient Romans to make their wine and to sprinkle their meats with a special red color, and they even made cheese boxes out of it!


So how did Gruyere cheese get its name? The name was given to it by the French naturalist and historian Father de Gruyere. He named it after his birthplace town of Gruyere, France, where he lived and worked for many years. Legend has it that a cowherd named Romuald and his mate decided to make a treat for their family on a summer afternoon – the meal that would become the foundation of the greatest cheese known to mankind at that time. When they finished eating their afternoon snack, they noticed some red spots on the top of the stomach of the cow, which turned out to be the residue that the cheese needed to come to life. It’s said that the couple ate their meal (and a few glasses of wine) while holding a sliced piece of this red aged cheese over the campfire, which ignited the chemical reactions that made the cheese gives off a unique aroma and taste.


Today, Gruyere cheese is used in a variety of different cuisines, and is often used as a flavoring for drinks such as white and rose wine. There is even a type of wine called Riesling that using Gruyere in its grapes for fermentation. If you love wine and cheese, then it’s likely that you’ve had some of both and enjoyed the wide variety of uses each of them can have.

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