Epson Large Format Laser Printer

Epson large format printer is the name you can trust for digital printing and scanning. This is a company known for making professional grade equipment that can be used in the office or home. It has long been known for its quality and has long been in the business of printing documents and photos. The company has expanded into other areas as well. It now has a great line of scanners, printers and faxes. It also makes photo books and large format printers.

How to choose Epson Large Format Laser Printer

The new printer from Epson is the HP Wide Format Inkjet Printer. This Epson SureColor T5160 Wireless Printer is specially designed to make daily tasks easy and intuitive thanks to breakthrough new technology. Its large 4.3-inch touch screen makes printing tasks easier and its large 4.5 inch wide laser printer cartridge enables quick, even printing on a variety of surfaces. These printers work great for large format printers as well as for scanning and printing photos.

The four main technologies that make up this touch-screen Epson wide format printer are Ink Jet, Solid State, LED, and Printed Lithographic Processes Technology. These four technologies combine to provide you with several benefits. With the HP Sureenta Printer, you get excellent results in both printing and scanning. The technology allows the printer to handle a variety of different documents quickly and easily. The printer uses a high-speed, infrared-based technology for printing. Along with the high-tech features, the solid state technology lets the printer automatically adjust and clean the toner cartridge automatically when the print job is finished.

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