Divine & Mystical Relationship Between Numbers

Divine  Mystical Relationship Between Numbers

In the Hebrew and Greek Bible, the number 12 holds special significance. In the Bible, Jacob has 12 sons who become the fathers of twelve tribes of Israel, and Jesus chooses twelve disciples among the early Jewish followers. The number 12 has a number of symbolic meanings, some of which have been linked to divine knowledge. In the Christian church, the apostles’ names are symbolic of their authority. What is the biblical meaning of the number 300?

Describe The Essence Of Creation

The first number to receive the meaning of “all” was three. It was the first number given this power, and it is also the number that synthesizes all other numbers. Its threefold nature also represents the human soul, body, and spirit. Its threefold nature synthesises all other numbers and is a perfect example of the tripartide nature of the world. In mathematics, the first three numbers represent the union of the three and represent the unity of all beings. They are also the fundamental unit in geometrical correspondences.

In Indian cosmology, the number 108 is regarded as the foundation of all creation. In ancient Near Eastern cultures, the number was used to describe the essence of creation. In the Bible, the number ‘1’ represents God, and ‘8’ denotes void. In Buddhist tradition, there are 108 images of Lord Buddha in Kathmandu. In Hinduism, the apocalyptic book of Revelation also contains 108 images of the Buddha.

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