Chiropractor in Dandenong, Melbourne

A chiropractor in Dandenong, Melbourne will examine your spine and muscles. They will assess your problem and discuss your treatment options. Some chiropractors will perform x-rays, digital postural analysis, and muscle testing. You can also request a consultation by phone. Check if the doctor is a member of a national organization. If so, you will find a website next to the phone number.

Chiropractor In Dandenong, Melbourne Shortcuts – The Easy Way

A chiropractic consultation will last for around 30 minutes. The Dandenong chiro will review your medical history and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. Initial examinations will typically include digital postural analysis, muscle testing, and x-rays. The chiropractor will then examine your spine and present your problem and provide guidance and treatments to alleviate any pain or discomfort. You’ll receive a written report with a treatment plan and price range from the chiropractor.

A consultation with a chiropractor in Dandenong is generally a 30-minute process. The Dandenong chiropractor will go over your medical history and perform an initial examination. The initial exam includes palpatory assessment, digital postural analysis, and muscle testing. If necessary, x-rays are taken. The chiropractor will evaluate your spine and the problem you’re presenting. They will offer advice and treatment to help you get back to your active life.

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