We’re On the Same Clock

I often get e-mails or messages with a similar sentiment. Today it happened to be a message on Fitocracy from a user named MakingFitHappen (I see what you did there.).

“Wow – just read your about you stuff – incredible! I lost 70+ pounds 10 yrs ago and thought I was something specials – nothing compared to your accomplishment dude.”

Shenanigans. The insane level of nutritional depravity I was living in shouldn’t make me any more or less special than anyone else who’s done the same thing I’ve done (still doing); we followed through on the decision was to do something about our unhappiness. Even if you’ve lost 20 pounds, you’re just as cool as me.

I put it that way because there’s a billion decisions made daily that end up with results maybe 1% of the time. It’s easy to decide to do something. I’ve decided I’m going to own a country. I’ve decided I’m going to make my mark on history by inventing a flying car that shoots purple laser beams. Decisions are nothing — anyone can decide anything, any time they’d like to. Doing it is the hard part and if you’re doing it, we’re equally awesome.

If you’ve lost 50 pounds, look into the mirror and feel content with yourself, you’re much cooler than me. I’ve lost over 250 pounds but you know what it’s like to live in a temple you built yourself, while I’m still hauling the stone to build the archway for mine. I guess it’s just a matter of perspective.

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