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I exchanged pleasantries with Jimmy Moore from the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show awhile back over Twitter. A couple months ago, I received an e-mail from Jimmy after he’d spoken with Spencer Morris about my story. Jimmy invited me to tell my story on The Livin La Vida Low Carb Show podcast and I agreed. I asked if Dr. Galvin could accompany me because not only is he a prominent figure in my quest to retake of my life, but he’s also incredibly knowledgeable.

Jimmy agreed to have Dr. Galvin on as well, so on August 20nd, we recorded the podcast from the headquarters at Vitality Medical Wellness Institute. Originally, we had planned on using our super spiffy podcast setup with professional audio equipment but I dropped the ball! I was going to go in to work on Sunday and get everything hooked up so that we could use it with Skype but I decided to be lazy instead. The result is telephone quality audio for Dr. Galvin and I instead of what it should have been: HD quality. Woops!

Paula Galvin — who runs the ship over at Vitality Medical Wellness Institute — normally spends her days in her office banging her forehead into her desk as she attempts to fix the many invoices I’ve likely at least partially had a hand in breaking. That particular day, however, she was sitting up front at the clinical coordinator’s station, who was off that day. Because I hadn’t properly set up the podcasting equipment, Dr. Galvin and I had to conference a call to talk to Jimmy. The one option I had for uninterrupted silence was to use our clinical coordinator’s phone and stretch the cord all the way into our VO2 Max testing and personal training room. So if you came into our office on August 20th and needed to — for some reason — access the front desk area, you first had to sharpen your limbo skills so that you could clear the phone-cord obstacle course I constructed in the hall. It BARELY reached far enough, so I spent an hour talking to Jimmy with my face planted into the door like a sad, lonely monkey daydreaming about freedom while slobbering on an oft slobbered-upon pane of glass at the zoo.

Jimmy is slated to make the arduous 2 hour trek from South Carolina to visit our office on September 13th to get a DEXA scan and hang out for a bit. Because he was leading the low carb charge when I decided to lose weight and I used information that was brought to light through the megaphone his show provided him, I’m really looking forward to it.

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  • Emily

    Hi Jesse,

    I just heard your interview on Jimmy Moore’s podcast and was super impressed. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • jezreel hutton

    I love the jimmy moore podcast show and it’s great that you made it to his podcast.