• Elizabeth H

    Hi Jesse,

    Hope all is well your way! Say, remember when you guest blogged for our ‘lil blog over at SunButter.com/blog? The photos somehow went away. I’m not pointing fingers, but I’m hoping you may have some I can plop back in, since your inspiring post still gets clicks.

    And, while I’m feeling brave in reaching out to you, any chance you’d be interested in another guest post? I’d love to share an update on your shift…

    Let me know?

  • Nancydd

    You have done an incredible work in changing your body and brain! All the best as you live this new fit life. What an inspiratio!.

  • slingblade

    hi,jesse.i am 61,would you recommend this diet for someone my age? have you had your heart checked since you have been on this diet?I know you feel great.great story.