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Food is For Fuel

Beauty in the Abstract

Your beauty is the breadth of your being. It’s in the passing moments; smiling at strangers to make their day a little easier to bear or playfully exhaling into the cold winter air to watch your breath crystallize. Your beauty manifests its self in your passions; your hobbies, your favorite bands, your favorite movies. There’s […]


Tomorrow is when I go to visit my best friend, who’s not seen me in 2 years and doesn’t know I’ve lost the weight. He doesn’t even know I care at all about fitness. In fact, his wife just posted a picture of very well-decorated cupcakes that she baked because she doesn’t know I don’t […]

Top 10 Songs About Weight Loss

Just kidding. Do you really need that kind of novelty? I try to make my blog entries hit on points that matter these days. Mostly because when I’d go to other sites, I’d often see content that was posted for the sake of posting content — driving ad sales. Content for someone’s bottom line. It […]

When the Levee Breaks

Since I lost 8 pounds last week, I figured something might be up. That’s not a normal amount of weight to lose at my weight, especially since I doubt I had any water weight to lose. I’d been eating super clean for 2-3 weeks prior to that weigh in. So on Friday last week, I […]

The Cloud Phenomenon

I was visiting with my parents last week and a road crew started sawing into the blacktop pavement just down the street to repair someone’s driveway. It kicked up a small cloud of dust and my Dad started freaking out about it. He said it was hazardous to his health, even though the cloud was […]

Fat Acceptance

I stumbled across a sub-reddit entitled “/r/BodyAcceptance” today. While I made it my life’s goal to transform my body, they want people to accept of their current bodies and treat them equal to how “normal sized” people are treated. While it may appear at a glance that we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum but […]

Blog format changing.

I’ve decided that being verbose for the sake of being verbose doesn’t really accomplish what I want to accomplish, so instead of posting something every day because I feel the need to keep my content fresh, I’m going to post when I have something important to say. I want the site to be more about […]

Why I Eat Plants and Animals

So I walked into our local grocery store last night and my eyes immediately wandered to the ground in front of the meat section, where the store manager lay dead. A man with a gun stood over him grinning nervously and shrugging his shoulders. The man was wearing a suit so I said, “Heart attacks […]

Come On Baby Just a Taste

I didn’t get where I am by breaking the rules of my diet just a little bit, just sometimes, just for the experience — “OH BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!”. Concessions are for little league baseball games. There’s a life dangling out in front of me like a carrot and it’s the only thing […]