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Wherein I get all Dear Abby on you.

Cutters Gonna Cut

Cindy had a wonderful week and she didn’t cut herself once. Therefore, she will receive a reward of a straight razor, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and some band-aids. It’s like finally finding your way out of an abusive relationship but still seeing the guy once a week because even though he beats the crap out […]

Where Time Becomes a Loop

Have the new song by Florence and the Machine on repeat and I’m ready to get philosophical and drop some crazy-person on your asses. I promise I’ll make a point related to fitness after I subject you to my lunacy for a bit. By the way, Florence and the Machine is amazing. Click the link. When I […]

Science Is Swell

My fitness has evolved over time. When I started, I was quite weak. For a good length of time, I did only body weight exercises and limited work with 20 pound dumbbells. It was fine for the body I was in because I knew that the life I wanted was near the end of a […]

Pull the Trigger Foods

Even when you’re eating clean, you may run into “trigger foods”. These are foods that no matter what you do, you can’t control your consumption of them or foods that lead to you eating things you’re not supposed to. When you identify a trigger food, it is important to strike it from your diet with […]