Food is For Fuel

Beauty in the Abstract

Your beauty is the breadth of your being. It’s in the passing moments; smiling at strangers to make their day a little easier to bear or playfully exhaling into the cold winter air to watch your breath crystallize. Your beauty manifests its self in your passions; your hobbies, your favorite bands, your favorite movies. There’s […]

The Livin La Vida Low Carb Show Podcast

Click here to listen to Jesse Stilwell and Dr. Galvin on the Livin La Vida Low Carb Show Podcast! I exchanged pleasantries with Jimmy Moore from the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show awhile back over Twitter. A couple months ago, I received an e-mail from Jimmy after he’d spoken with about my story. Jimmy […]

Food is for Fuel

Food is for Fuel. It occurs to me that I never really took the opportunity to go into detail about how this one phrase changed my life, my attitude towards food, and not only aided in my weight loss but also improved my overall outlook on life. So I think I’ll take this opportunity to […]

We’re On the Same Clock

I often get e-mails or messages with a similar sentiment. Today it happened to be a message on Fitocracy from a user named MakingFitHappen (I see what you did there.). “Wow – just read your about you stuff – incredible! I lost 70+ pounds 10 yrs ago and thought I was something specials – nothing […]

52 Signs You’re a Low Carber

I’ve been on a low carb diet for two years now. I ran across a pretty fantastic post by Sohee Lee and I decided to blatantly rip her off to make the first post of my newly redesigned blog a memorable one. So without further ado, I present the 52 signs you’re a low carber. […]

Strong Women are Beautiful Women

This is a revised version of an article I wrote entitled “But I Don’t Want to Get Bulky” that was featured on my old blog. I revised it because it attacked cardio enthusiasts in general, when my intent wasn’t to attack anyone but rather educate. I also improved the overall flow of the article, added […]

It is a diet analogy

The consummate transformation problem: the canyon between socially acceptable mediocrity and perfection by way of sweat and searing pain; while nutrition represents the single strand of fishing twine we’re all trying to cross on at the same time that seems to sway violently every time a mouse a million feet below sighs too deeply. The […]

Finding the Drive

The question I get asked first and the most is, “What made you decide to start?” I get the question often on the Internet but as of late, I’ve attended a couple of lectures by my new boss (Dr. Jeffrey Galvin, MD) and he’s shared my story with the crowd, so I’ve been getting asked […]

The End of Phase One

I got back from Virginia around 3PM today. My New Years was an enjoyable one and I got to freak out a bunch of people. I’m originally from Culpeper, Virginia but a good chunk of my friends were from an adjacent town named Madison. They’ve all migrated to Waynesboro, VA now, which is in the […]


Tomorrow is when I go to visit my best friend, who’s not seen me in 2 years and doesn’t know I’ve lost the weight. He doesn’t even know I care at all about fitness. In fact, his wife just posted a picture of very well-decorated cupcakes that she baked because she doesn’t know I don’t […]