Beauty in the Abstract

Your beauty is the breadth of your being. It’s in the passing moments; smiling at strangers to make their day a little easier to bear or playfully exhaling into the cold winter air to watch your breath crystallize. Your beauty manifests its self in your passions; your hobbies, your favorite bands, your favorite movies. There’s beauty in your idiosyncrasies; your little quirks that only the people closest to you know about and adore. They’re little specks on your soul; the uneven surfaces that allow your glowing presence to shimmer like a diamond set in onyx.

Your beauty is your depth. It is layered within you like rings within the trunk of a tree and it is maturing at the same rate. Those who choose to never look deeper than your skin may never know how beautiful you are because real beauty hides behind love and shallow people often find love impossible. When all you see are flaws without any intrigue for how those flaws have shaped someone’s character, you’re sacrificing an important piece of your humanity, which is the act of taking the time to discover the humanity in others.

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  • jezreel hutton

    This is amazing thought. Thank you