Blackberry Lemon Collagen Cacao Fudge Recipe

ceremonial cacao, cacao incorporates anandamide, a neurotransmitter produced within the mind that binds to the THC receptors. It’s also called the “bliss molecule”— named after ananda, the Sanskrit phrase for “bliss.”

Pure chocolate even produces an identical endocannabinoid receptor-stimulating impact in your physique to CBD oil. Oh, and magnesium! An oz. of darkish chocolate incorporates 64 mg of magnesium—about 15% of the RDA—which may have a naturally stress-free, anxiety-reducing impact on the physique.

So, it’s solely pure that we crave chocolate after we really feel bodily or emotional stress.

Disclosure: the identical mood-boosting results can’t be replicated by a pint of chocolate ice cream or typical processed sweets.

To get an actual temper increase, it’s essential to go for 100% chocolate with no wonky components, rigorously sourced heirloom chocolate (like this chocolate with adaptogens) pure chocolate or high-quality ceremonial cacao.

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