Evolution of Organic Farming

Once upon a time during the early period, the organic farming was just called farming as during that time there was no use of pesticides and another form of chemicals during farming. But after world war II when the western revolution came to our society there was huge use of pesticides and another form of chemicals to kill insects that harm the crops and grow the crops rapidly.

In the year 1939, a scientist named Paul Muller from the west developed a chemical called DDT which was the first of its kind of insecticides which kills insects from the crop field and later it was widely used.

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As per some group of farmers, it is widely said that the use of pesticides and other chemical’s in their farming field kills all the insects and other harmful pests that damage the crops in their field. Insects and other pests damage the fruits and vegetables that are grown and the farmers face huge loss due to damaged farm. Since then a majority of farmers has been using the inorganic way of farming to save themselves from loss despite being the knowledge that the pesticides which they used during the farming are very harmful to the human body as well.

Later in the year 1960 people finally started to wake up and a scientist named Rachel Carson published a Silent Spring book which criticised the use of Pesticides, Insecticides, fertilizers and other weed killers in the farming field. By the end of the ’60s and ’70s, people were curious about their health and further realised them about the benefits of green farming and organic farming.

There was a huge revolution by the end of the ’80s and ’90s to ban the production of insecticides and pesticides in the farming field. Some group of health organizations also demanded the ban for the production of Pesticides, Insecticides, fertilizers and other weed killers so that it does not reach to the farmers.

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By the end of the ’90s, scientists came up with the new way of having organic farming where there will be fewer pests and other insects that damage the farmer’s hard work in the field. Many Non-Government Organizations are also coming up to help and educate the farmers about the harmful effects of pesticides in their field, also the government of many countries are running campaigns for the organic farming culture in their respective field.