5 food habits to avoid weight gain

These days fitness is a great issue for every human being in the world. Being fit and stay healthy leads you to better lifestyle with disease free in future life. If you are planning to take resolution this year to be healthy and fit then you must change your food habits from the very initial stage.

In this article we have come up with 5 food habits to avoid weight gain and will brief you how those foods can make you fat and avoiding that will help to control your weight.

  • French Fries and Potato Chips

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Potatoes are one kind of vegetable which contains a large amount of starch and fat. Consuming French fries, potato chips or any other potato fried items will surely increase your weight drastically. If you love to eat potatoes and cannot avoid it completely then instead having fried potatoes you can boil those and consume it. Boiled potatoes are even healthier but remember to consume in lesser quantity.

  • Sugary Drinks

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Sugar – Sweetened drinks or beverages, like as soda or any other soft drinks are the worst food habits on the planet. Those drinks contain a lot number of calories and sugar that are enough to make you gain weight. Liquid sugar calories will not fill your stomach but that the calories are enough for weight gain of a person. Instead of having sugary soda drinks you can drink fresh fruit juice and that are healthier for your body.

  • White Bread

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White bread is completely made up of all-purpose flour which contains high amount of starch and calories added with sugar. Apart from gaining weight by eating white bread this will also increase your blood sugar levels and there will be higher chances of having diabetes.

  • Candy Bars

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Candy Bars might be your favourite items during your childhood but now you are an adult and you are very serious about losing weight so completely banning candy bars from your food or snacks list will surely help you to not gain weight as a single pack contains  a lot of added sugar, added oils and refined flour.

  • Pastries, Cookies and cakes

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Pastries, cookies and cakes contains packed with unhealthy ingredients like refined flour, added sugar and many times it may contain artificial trans-fat and calories which are too bad for body weight.

The above-mentioned food habits are too worse for any human’s body. If you are very serious about your body weight and fitness then avoiding those foods will surely help you to do so.

Thank You for reading.